Infos for Travel Agents

  As a Travel Agent, you have to 3 options:
If deposit and rest payment (or full payment) are paid
  from you, Travel Agent, you do not have to wait for your commission! You simply deduct your share from the final payment. (Deposit has to be paid in full)
This may be done 2 ways! You may pay:
    1 by wire transfer to our bank. You only pay the NET rate!
Deduct your commission from the amount you send to Travelwell!
Your share is 12% commission!  
    2 in the WEB Shop, by Credit Card. You only pay the NET rate!
Ask our head office to get the discount code for the payment module on this web-site!
Your share is 10% commission!  
  3 paid directly from guest by CC - commission will be sent to you within 60 days after end of tour. We will have to wait till we have received the money from the CC-bank - and it has not been claimed back by the customer! Your share is 8% commission!  

Deposit has always to be pay in full - your commission shall be deducted from the rest payment or from the full payment!

For detailed figures, please consult our figures on the tables followed with the links below:




Staff member of Agency travelling

    If you or one of your staff member would like to join into one of our tours, we will certainly grant a discount.       Please send us - together with the booking, a confirmation - that the passenger is emp­loyed by your company, so we will deduct 20% of the fees which will be charged.       This discount will also be available for one person accompanying your employee (partner or family member), as long as the two are sharing the room and the car (on a rally). Payment has to be done by wire transfer (no credit card) and has to be done for both passengers at the same time!