Climat compensation

Coming to Switzerland and traveling in our beautiful country is also enjoying pure nature. But, this also has an impact to this nature. The Travelwell owners have decided, that we want to compensate this impact, especially in order to quarantine that future generations may also come to Switzerland to enjoy our lovely country.

We have chosen myclimate, an honorable swiss foundation and pioneer in this field to be our service provider.

myclimate is a partner for effective climate protection – both locally and globally. The Swiss Non-Profit organisation wants to shape the future together with its partners through consultation, education and climate protection projects. myclimate pursues this as a science-based and business-orientated non-profit organisation.

The international initiative with its Swiss roots, belongs to the global leaders in voluntary quality compensation measures. With projects of the highest quality, myclimate promotes quantifiable climate protection and long-lasting development worldwide. Through these projects, emissions are reduced by replacing fossil fuel sources with renewable energies and by implementing energy-efficient technologies.
Through our interactive and action-oriented educational programs, myclimate encourages everyone to make a contribution towards our future. With this goal over 20,000 pupils and more than 8,000 apprentices have been reached in Switzerland and a worldwide network of 1,600 students and young professionals has been established.
Moreover the foundation offers consultancy on integrated climate protection with tangible added value. myclimate provides this through analyses, IT solutions, labels and resource management. Services range from simple carbon footprints for businesses over sophisticated product life cycle assessments (LCA) to performance management.
Its clients include large, medium and small businesses, public administrations, non-profit organisations, event organisers and private individuals. Through its partner organisations myclimate is represented in other countries as well.


Switzerland Travel Shop and Travelwell donats to myclimat as followed:

for each day a passenger is travelling under the supervision of Switzerland Travel Shop / Travelwell, we donate CHF 2.00 for climate projects.

Compensation at least half in swiss climate protection projects.

Our emis­sions will be reduced by at least a half in Swiss climate protection projects, with the remaining proportion in climate protection projects in developing and newly industrialising countries.

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for each trip a passenger who is travelling under the supervision of Switzerland Travel Shop / Travelwell, we donate CHF 7.00 for education

Climate Education Contribution

With this donation, we supporting the educational work of myclimate.

This Climate Education imparts knowledge, sensitises and mobilises people on the ground, and provides international networks for the coming generation. Climate education projects are only possible thanks to the generous donations of trusts, institutes, companies and private persons.

Flights to Switzerland


If you book your flight from home to Switzerland with Travelwell, we will compensate this also by myclimat.


If you coordinate your flights your self, we also offer you to compensate your travel from home to Switzerland with us.


For both options, the callculation for this compensation can be done on the WEB Site of myclimat!