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off the beaten track, away from the major tourist streams!
A dream comes true. From the moment you land at the airport to the moment you fly home, all the essential ingredients for a unique memory are included in our vacation package.

We offer exceptional, outstanding trips. Mostly far off the beaten track.

Our specialty is to design offers for guests who wish and appreciate not to travel with the big tourist streams!

Our experience - since 1974 - guarantees experiences and memories that are unique.


Guided Tour

  Explore Switzerland

Guided Tour

  Railways adventure

9 days - full board
CHF 6'680.00 per pax
min. / max. size of group: 6 / 15 pax

Trip in July and August!
High season,
add CHF 200.00 per pax


8 days - full board
CHF 6'520.00 per pax
min./max. size of group : 8 / 16 pax

2024       2024    
Mar   -   -   Jul   sold - out     Mar   -   -   Jul   sold - out  
Apr   sold - out   Aug   sold - out     Apr   -   -   Aug   -   -  
May   sold - out   Sep   21st - 29th     May   sold - out   Sep   12 - 19  
Jun   sold - out   Oct   29th - 06th     Jun   -   -   Oct   11  - 18  

Thousands of guests from all over the world come, every year, to explore the mountains. We are proud to offer you a very special tour, far away from the beaten tracks. Explore our country where the locals enjoy their time - skip the areas, where other tourists make you queuing up for hours.

  A unique railway adventure:
During 8 days you will be able to explore up to 19 different railways- / transport- systems: old steam trains, rapid transit, the newest train on the federal railway system - traveling the longest railway tunnel of the world, cable cars (aerial and surface), cog railroad, navigation etc.
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Guided Tour

  Tesla Rally  

Guided Tour

  9 days - full board - starting from CHF 8'950.00 per pax
16'600.00 if 2 pax booked together
with Tesla 3 or Tesla Y
min. size of group: 8 pax / 4 car
max. size of group: 24 pax / 12 car

cars upgrade for Tesla S or X possible (on request / availability)

starting from
CHF 7'730.00
per bridal couple
3, 4, 5 or 6 days - half board
double room / double occupancy
min./max. size of group : 2/12 pax

June   sold - out         Tesla S + 700.00   2024
August   sold -  out         Tesla X + 1'050.00   from February till November   February till November
October   20th   28nd                          

Would you like to explore Switzerland - drive / crest up with your Tesla, a Premium Electric Sedan as high as 2'490 meter / 8'136 feet of altitude?

You will drive the outstanding luxury car for ten (7) days over some of the most challenging Alpine passes and on winding country roads.
  • 2 "Hands-On Experience" will introduce you to some of Swiss culture!
  • 2 UNESCO Heritage will be visited on this trip!
  • 5 Pre-Alpine- and 6 Alpine-passes are on your route!

The locations for the excursions, Hands-On Experiences, museums and meals are hand picked by Barbara and Marc, our owners.



We can serve you with a colorful bouquet of offers in order to get married in Switzerland.
The main question to be cleared first, is, if you like to get legally married in Switzerland, or if you just want to do a celebration after being married before (outside Switzerland).
2nd question is, if you like to celebrate up in the mountains or in the "flat-land". We can help you with any of the four possibilities and we have several options ready for you. Last but not least, our "Lake Side Special" offers you a very romantic place.


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