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STS - Switzerland Travel Shop
offers unique, extraordinary, premium trips. From touch down at the airport in Switzerland (ZRH or GVA) till take off, all essential parts for an unforgettable memory are included in our vacation package.

Our tours are really all-inclusive!

2018 May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct
Trip 1         14-22     22-30    
Trip 2                 18-26    
Trip 3       27-8   1-12 29-9      
Trip 4 20-26 3-9             7-13
4 - pre 17, 18, 19 31, 1, 2             4, 5, 6
4 - aft 27, 28, 29 10, 11, 12             14, 15, 16
Trip 5 any 5-9 days start: Dec end Dec

All our tours start in Zurich (ZRH).
If you plan to fly to Geneva (GVA), we are certainly happy to help you with the transfer to ZRH and back. You may choose from 4 options:

Option 1   Option 2   Option 3   Option 4

Add an extra leg to your flights schedu­le! Fly from GVA to ZRH. If you are flying to GVA with a member of Star Ali­ance, the flight in­side Swit­zer­land should be free of charge available! Otherwise
costs in CHF:

GVA - ZRH - GVA, approx
400.00 per pax


You travel by the Swiss Federal Rail­ways from GVA Air­port to ZRH Airport by train.
Traveltime 3:10
DEP GVA always at 32 minutes after the full hour.
ARR ZRH always at 42 minutes after the full hour.
Our groundhostess at ZRH A/P will help you with the transfer to the hotel.
Costs, 1. Cls in CHF:
GVA - ZRH - GVA, 127.00 per pax


Drive with a rental car from GVA A/P direction to the hotel in Zurich. Driving time, depending on traffic is between 3 to 4 hrs.
If you are already familiar with a Tesla, we will cer­tain­ly reserve this exquisit electro mobil for you.
Otherwise, we will reserve  a "normal" car for you.
Costs in CHF:
GVA - ZRH - GVA, approx
800.00 per 4 pax


Let our profes­sional driver do the work while enjoying the transfer from GVA A/P directly to the hotel in Zurich with a Mercedes Van.
Driving time is de­pen­ding on the traffic 3 to 4 hrs.
Costs in CHF:
GVA - ZRH - GVA, approx
2'000.00 per 6 pax

Trip 1)
Tesla rally
first class,
Swiss Plateau,
9 days

from CHF 6'995.00

(double room, double occupancy)

9 days, exploring the "Pre-Alps", ideal for guests who are troubled with heart conditions.

Trip 2)
Tesla rally
first class
9 days

from CHF 6'995.00

(double room, double occupancy)

Driving 7 days some of the most challenging Alpine passes and winding country roads .

Trip 3)
Tesla rally
high Al­pine
12 days

from CHF 14'820.

(double room, double occupancy)


Enjoy the extravagance that Switzerland has to offer for guests in the premium segment.

Trip 4)
From Steam to High - Speed
7 - 13 days

from CHF 2'950.

(double room, double occupancy)


Enjoy 13 different, unique railway adventures, add up to 9 , extraordinary cab-view-rides

Trip 5)
Christ­mas Mar­kets in Switzer­land

from CHF 1'930.

(double room, double occupancy)


Enjoy 3 to 7 different Christmas markets in Switzerland.

All those tours are conducted by Travelwell, est. 1974