Health- and accidents insurance

For all insurance matter for our valied guests coming to Switzerland, we have choosen the AXA-Insurance to be our service provider. This is a insurance policy which covers - for example -  all needs for the Schengen Visa.

Must have

for Schengen Visa

According to Swiss and European Law (Regulation EC No 810/2009) travel medical insurance - for health and accident matters - is an obligation for all visitors from outside European Union and Schengen Area count­ries.

60 000 €

Medical Coverage

No deductibles, all medical expenses refund after sud­den illness and accidents, den­tal care (up to 200 €), medical transportation and repatriation to country of re­sidence, urgent and emer­gency care, hospi­talization, doctor's visits, assistance and more.

Best Travel Medical Schengen Insurance

This insurance policy covers our guests in all Schengen countries.

 • No deductibles

 • No age limit

 • No medical check-up needed

Coverage for 1 months is included to all Switzerland Travel Shop  arrangement.


Emergency Center

In case of health emergency or doctor visit as a pre­caution contact Emer­gency Service. The operator will find the nearest medical facility for your illness or injury and arrange visit with pursuing non-cash payment. Fluent in English, Russian, German and Spanish.

  As soon as you have paid the deposit, we will send you all needed insurance-documentation to apply for the visa. If - for what ever reason - the visa is denied by the Swiss Authorities and we get the information regarding this fact latest 50 days before start of trip - we will reimburse the paid deposit! (This is the only exeption, where we will pay back the deposit). Out of experience, we know, that your chance to get the visa are better, when you have a proof from our insurance partner, based here in Europe!