Swiss Cities 6 days
self guided
using public transport


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10 days


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6 days


Program 6 days: 1st day arrival - 4 days in Switzerland - last day, 6th, departure

Switzerland has got, besides mountains, also a lot to be seen in the cities. Explore up to 10 fascinating towns in the German-, French-, Italian- and Rhaeto-Romanic speaking areas. The charming cities are full of history, some of them date back to the ancient Roman times. This is a perfect way to explore Switzerland, even if you do not want to crest high up into the mountains, Alps.
With its four language regions, Switzerland includes on a small surface of only 41,285 km2 / 25,650 sq mi four old cultures of Europe!
No other country in Europe offers you on such a small area so many different and interesting things of all kind to be visited and enjoyed!


Daily schedule
1 Meet & assist at Zurich Airport - Transfer to the hotel.
Time to get over the jetlag and / or start to explore Zurich.
2 1st day excursion


or choose any excursion from the list below
3 2nd day excursion

Ticino, south of the Alps

or choose any excursion from the list below
4 3rd day excursion

Chur, Bergun

or choose any excursion from the list below
5 Last day


or choose any excursion from the list below
6 A/P Transfer If your flight DEP is later in the day, still time to explore Zurich


Highlights (possible)   Cities to be visited (possible)
UNESCO World Heritage   German part French part

• Bellinzona

• Bergun

• Berne

• La Chaux-de-Fonds

• Lavaux

• St. Gallen



Old town



Abbey District


• Basel

• Berne
• Interlaken

• Lucerne

• Schaffhausen

• St. Gallen

• Zurich all overnights

• Geneva

• Lausanne

• La Chaux-de-Fonds

• Le Locle 

Hands On Experience   Romance part Italian part

• Self made Swiss Chocolate

• assemble a Swiss Army Knife


• Bergun
• Chur

• Bellinzona

• Locarno

Ascona / Brisago

• Lugano

Entry-fees for over 500 museums - all over Switzerland - is included!


Program dates / booking codes
Year Start End Trip Code        
2021 Mon Jan 11th Fri Apr 30th - SC L 12-21        
  Sat May 01st Tue Aug 31st - SC H 12-21        
  Wed Sep 01st Tue Nov 30th - SC L 12-21        
  Wed Dec 01st Sat Dec 20th - SC H 12-21        


    open for bookings     guaranteed departure     almost fully booked,
but still bookable


Costs per person in CHF
Costs may still be adjusted due to changes in purchasing prices (after the CV19 pandemic)


Our rates are based on current costs. We reserve the right to change the price on published offers due to change of currency exchange rates or other reasons without prior notice.

Costs including B&B in chosen hotel class, all needed transfers and described excursions, entry fees to museums, documentation, meet and assist at ZRH A/P up on arrival, city tax and VAT.

Standard Hotel Silver program



double room, double occupancy 17 m² + B&B
single room (or double room, single use) 15 m² + B&B 2'260.00  
High season double room, double occupancy 17 m² + B&B 1'930.00  
single room (or double room, single use) 15 m² + B&B 2'300.00  
Extra night Zurich incl. B&B, City tax and VAT  
double room, double occupancy 17 m² + from 120.00  
single room (or double room, single use) 15 m² + from 188.00  
Day card (24 hrs) all public transport + entry fees for 40 museums 27.00  


Superior Hotel Gold program



double room, double occupancy 28 m² + B&B
single room (or double room, single use) 20 m² + B&B 2'360.00  
High season double room, double occupancy 28 m² + B&B 1'990.00  
single room (or double room, single use) 20 m² + B&B 2'410.00  
Extra night Zurich incl. B&B, City tax and VAT  
double room, double occupancy 28 m² + from 155.00  
single room (or double room, single use) 20 m² + from 206.00  
Day card (24 hrs) all public transport + entry fees for 40 museums 27.00  


Included are all breakfasts - all other meals you cater yourself.


Trans­port incl.

Transfer on arrival and departure from Airport to hotel and v.v.

All needed transfers for the excursions as described in the program!


Possible City Sightseeing  
Basel - Berne - Chur - Geneva - Lausanne - Locarno - Lucerne - Lugano - Schaffhausen - St.Gallen - Zurich
We will supply you with a map and an APP with a tour for each city. It is also possible to book guided tours in most of the cities. If you like to take advantage of this, please contact our head office!


• Produce some Swiss Chocolate yourself - at Interlaken (not incl. by 6 or 7 days tour)
Assemble a Swiss Army Knife (only on the extra excursion to central Switzerland)


Possible upgrade on trains and

On most trains you may ride 1 class. This is less crowded and you have more space (mostly 3 instead of 4 seats abreast).

In order to upgrade ALL possible legs: add CHF 295.00

Mountain trains and all city transportations do not offer 1st class services!


Extras / Specials  

Even if this is a "city program", we offer you 3 excursions into the Swiss mountains / Swiss Alps. Please be aware of the elevations!

 NO extra charges 
1,798 m / 5,897 ft
1,898 m / 6,227 ft
2,970 m / 9,740 ft


Not included

• all lunches and all dinners
• trip from home to Zurich, Switzerland - v.v.
• all personal expenses

• travel insurance

• cost of visa (Schengen area)


Minimum / Maximum size of group

Minimum size of group: 1

Maximum size of group: 9


Name change
Name change of pax is possible till 48 hrs before start of trip
(at extra costs: CHF 100.00)


non-refundable: CHF 500.00 / per pax


Rest payment

If paid with credit card - due 45 days before start of trip!

If paid with wire transfer - due 30 days before start of trip!


All our tours are conducted
by Travelwell, est. 1974

A different way / system to explore Switzerland

Switzerland is, compared to most other countries in Europe, very small (only 41,285 km2 / 25'653 sq mi). From Zurich, travelling into the different directions of the country, you reach a lot - for touristic interesting - spots within 1:00 hr, a few of them in max. 3:00 hrs. For this tour, we followed this fact and planned a trip which is much more convenient for you. You are going to stay the whole time at the same hotel in the Zurich area.

  • No packing and unpacking every day!
  • No luggage haul from one hotel to the other!
  • Depending on your mood and the weather, you may change your daily destination whenever you like!
  • Unlike a "fixed program", we offer you more additional options / destinations you can choose from!
  • Even if this is a "city-trip", we offer you 3 marvelous excursions to the mountains / Swiss Alps (at no extra charges)!
  • If you like to visit something again to be able to explore more details, you may come back on any of the days of the rest of your trip!

Day excursions


Excursion 1)

Lac Lemon Lake Geneva, Lausanne French speaking part

the city next to the vineyards of the Lavaux (UNESCO World Culture Heritage)

  • A walk through the old town of Lausanne - with stops at:
  • The old town
  • The Olympic Museum presents the cornerstones of Olympic sports
  • Lausanne Cathedral is the biggest in Switzerland. Built in the Gothic style, it has one of the finest stained-glass windows in Europe and the biggest organ in Switzerland. It was constructed from 1'165 onwards, but not consecrated until 1'275 ac.

Excursion 2)
(southern part of Switzerland) Italian speaking part

On the way from Zurich to the southern part of Switzerland, you are travelling through the world's longest railway tunnel, the Gotthard base tunnel. On the way back, your train trip will take you through one of the most scenic train trips, the panoramic route with the summit tunnel, opened in 1822 a.c.

You may discover the historical past of Bellinzona by exploring its narrow streets and squares and visiting its three castles (UNESCO World Culture Heritage), examples of incomparable power and beauty that recount centuries of history written by Romans and Lombards, Swiss and Milanese.

Furthermore, you have 2 different options, to choose from:

Lugano & Melide   Locarno, Ascona & Brisago
Visiting the city to contemplate a work of art or to attend a concert is al­ways a fabulous experience. If you want to have an overview of Switzerland and spend a pleasant time in a fantastic region, don't miss Swissminiatur in Melide, an ex­citing place and an attraction for all those who want to visit our country.  

From the quiet shores of the lake to the busy riverbanks, not to mention the rich gastronomic and cultural offering. The Lake Maggiore is an extremely rich tourist destination. Discovering Lake Maggiore, the picturesque old town of Ascona and the beautiful flower island Brisago on board of a boat of the “Navigazione del Lago Maggiore” is a unique experience.


Excursion 3)
Bergun & Chur Rhaeto-Romanic speaking part

The Albula Railway Museum is located in Bergun, right next to the UNESCO World Culture Heritage railway line. It explains lots of facts about the history of the railway construction, the economic and social changes that resulted from it, and topical aspects about this most spectacular of Swiss railway lines, showcased through original exhibits and multimedia rooms.
Chur is the oldest town in Switzerland with a settlement history of more than 2000 years. The historic old town, completely car-free, is well worth a visit.

On the way back to Zurich, you may stop at Landquart and stray through the Landquart Fashion Outlet.


Last day on tour)
Zurich German speaking part

Your last day is the day to be spent in Zurich.

am: Private city sightseeing with a local, fluent English speaking guide.
pm: It's the ideal city to do all your shopping, to buy all the souvenirs you would like (at reasonable prices) to take home.

For your last evening, we suggest you to take the dinner cruise on the Lake of Zurich. The scenery and the lookouts towards the Alps are unforgettable.


Alternative day excursions (at no extra charges)


Extra A)

Berne German speaking part

Switzerland's capital city (UNESCO World Culture Heritage)

  • A walk through the old town of Berne - with stops at:
    • the Swiss Parliament
    • the "Zytgloggä" clock tower
    • Albert Einstein house / museum
  • the bear park
  • Museum Paul Klee

Extra B)

Schaffhausen & St.Gall German speaking part

The eastern part of Switzerland (UNESCO World Culture Heritage)

  • Rhine Falls, the largest waterfall of Europe
  • Schaffhausen, the town with its facades, oriel windows and alleyways
  • St. Gall, with its picturesque old town and a rich historical heritage
  • The Abbey with its baroque cathedral and the world-famous Abbey Library

Extra C)

La Chaux-de-Fonds, Le Locle French speaking part

La Chaux-de-Fonds (UNESCO World Culture Heritage), the birthplace of Le Corbusier, used to be the capital of the watch-making industry for over a hundred year.

Visit the:

  • International Watch Museum, La Chaux-de-Fonds
  • The underground mill, Le Locle

Extra D)

Hergiswil & Lucerne German speaking part

Hergiswil is the only place where an active glassblowing company still produces glass in Switzerland. The visit to the factory and the museum on the history of glassblowing are really an impressive experience.

The factory outlet store has always some nice pieces of art at moderate prices. Continue your trip with a vessel of the Lake Lucerne navigation to down town Lucerne. The rest of the day, you may explore this world famous city.

Visit the:

  • A walk through the old town of Lucerne - with stops at:
    • Kappelbridge
    • Lion Monument
    • Old town fortification
  • Burbaki Panorama
  • Rosengart Museum
  • Museum of Transport

Excursion E)

Basel German speaking part

The town where the river Rhine leaves Switzerland. The special thing about, Basel you have to know is:

This town has about 40 TOP museums. Here, you will find something really outstanding for every interest! For example:

  • Beyeler Foundation
  • Art Museum
  • Tinguely Museum etc.

Excursion F)
Ballenberg & Interlaken German speaking part

After crossing the Brunigpass, the Openair Museum Ballenberg is the place to explore the different culture of Switzerland. A must!

Continue your trip to Interlaken, where a unique Hands On Experience is awaiting you. Produce some Swiss Chocolate yourself.
For dinner we suggest the Spycher in Interlaken, where you will enjoy a typical Swiss dinner and a very unique, entertaining Swiss folk show.


Extra J)

Central Switzerland German speaking part

The places, Switzerland was founded

  • In the center of Switzerland, we have arranged some easy hikes for you. Explore the different places, which have been important when Switzerland was founded, back in 1291 a.c
  • Beside the hiking, you have the opportunity to do a very unique Hands On Experience: Assemble yourself a Swiss army knife.

Possible excursions to mountains (at no extra charges)


Extra VI)
Stanserhorn German speaking part

Riding to the top of the 1'900 meter (6'233 feet) Mount Stanserhorn with the wind in your hair, the blue sky above you and a fantastic 360° panorama. The so-called “CabriO” aerial cable car is the world’s first cable car with a roofless upper deck. The comfortable double-decker is the very latest in cable car technology. The lower level (with windows going almost from wall-to-wall) has space for 60 people. From there, an elegant staircase leads up to the sun deck, which offers room for about 30 people. The guests can enjoy 360° panoramic views as well as the fresh mountain air.


Extra VII)
Rigi Queen of the mountains & Lucerne German speaking part

The Rigi steam train was the first mountain railway in Europe. Inauguration on May 21st, 1871.
Your day will start with a train trip to Arth Goldau, where you change to the "blue" Rigi mountain train. After enjoying the top of the Rigi with its breathtaking lookouts, the "red" train will bring you to Vitznau, from where a Lake Lucerne vessel brings you to Lucerne.


Extra XI)
Schilthorn, Piz Gloria German speaking part

James Bond 007, was here before you. He was present at the inauguration of the first revolving restaurant. On your way back, enjoy the city of Interlaken. A unique Hands On Experience is awaiting you in the funky chocolate club. For dinner, we suggest you the extraordinary Swiss Folk Dinner Show, at the restaurant "Spycher".


Possible mountain excursions at extra charges


Extra I - daily, all year round
EXTRA Costs - CHF 259.00 per adult pax / CHF 129.50 kids, 6-15
Jungfraujoch - Top of Europe German speaking part

8.30 am from Zurich-Sihlquai (bus terminal)
The majestic world of the Jungfraujoch - Top of Europe at 3'454 m /11'333 ft. You reach Lauterbrunnen by coach, where you board the cogwheel train for the most interesting trip to Jungfraujoch - Europe's highest railway station. Enjoy the incredible world of eternal snow and ice. Visit the „Alpine Sensation“ a round-tour subway officially opened to mark the centenary of Jungfrau Railway, the Ice Palace, experience the breathtaking panorama view from the Sphinx Observation Terrace, overlooking the Aletsch Glacier (Europe’s longest glacier). The down hill trip takes you to Grindelwald where your coach awaits you. Arrival in Zurich at approx. 8 pm.

Extra II - daily, all year round (except November 7 - 18, 2022)
EXTRA costs - CHF 164.00 per pax / CHF 82.00 kids, 6-15
Mount Titlis - Glacier Paradise German speaking part

10:00 am from Zurich-Sihlquai (bus terminal)
An excursion to the highest vantage point in Central Switzerland. In Engelberg we board the aerial cable way for a 40 minute trip to the high alpine glacier region. Enjoy a ride in the revolving „ROTAIR” gondola that takes you up to the summit at 3'020 m (10’000 ft.) overlooking the Swiss Alps. Snow and ice are guaranteed. During your 2 hours stay on the mountain visit the Ice Grotto and if the weather allows ride the „Ice Flyer”, the modern chairlift offering spectacular views into glacier crevasses and ice falls, walk over Europe’s highest suspension bridge „Titlis Cliff Walk” and sledge on snow, even in summer, on the „Fun Lift”. Return by coach via Lucerne (1 hour at leisure) to Zurich.

Extra IV - May till September
EXTRA costs - CHF 46.00 per person
Brienzer Rothorn German speaking part

It chugs, steams, screeches and smokes: Switzerland’s only daily steam rack railway has thrilled passengers since 1892. Come aboard, the Brienzer Rothorn Railway will take you to the top, 2'362 meters (7'749 ft) in elevation.
It overlooks Lake Brienz and the Bernese Oberland region.

Extra XIII)
EXTRA costs - CHF 17.00 per person
Stoss, Fronalpstock German speaking part

The summit of the Fronalpstock lies high above Lake Lucerne and offers a singular view to many peaks of the Alps. The panoramic view of more than 10 Swiss lakes and numerous peaks is simply outstanding. On the summit, which drops vertically down to a fabulous view of Lake Uri and the Rütli meadow, are a restaurant, charming dwarf goats, a big playground and a walking path.