From steam to high speed

7 (-13) days
guided tour


 A unique railway adventure, with up to 6 extra days for cab view rides AED BLS

Program 7 days: 1st day arrival - 5 days in Switzerland - last day, 7th, departure

During 7 days you will be able to explore up to 13 different transport - systems: an old steam train, rapid transit, the newest train on the federal railways system - travelling the longest railway tunnel of the world, cable cars (aerial and surface), cog railroad and navigation.
Beside the actual adventure trip, you have the possibility to book up to 6 extra days cab view rides on 7 different, very scenic train trips throughout Switzerland.


Daily schedule Overnight
Pre Cab View rides or individual programs    
Start of main program: 11:00 am at Zurich AirPort (ZRH)    
1 a Meet & assist A/P Transfer -> Hotel     Zurich
  p Steam Train Boat trip Welcom Dinner    
2 a TRF->French CH Hands On Experience - Swiss Chocolate   Montreux
  p Cog Railroad UNESCO World Culture Heritage    
3 a Surface cable car Mountain Train Power Plant   Thun
  p Car shuttle train        
4 a Base Tunnel - Lötschberg     Stansstad
  p   Cabrio cable car      
5 a Lucerne Verkehrshaus (Railways Museum)   Bergün
  p Stoos, new, world unique, surface cable car    
6 a Albula-Line Tunnel Construction Site    Zurich
  p RhB-Museum UNESCO World Culture Heritage    
7 a Gotthard summit tunnel       
  p Gotthard base tunnel - longest railway tunnel of the world    
END of main program: 15:00 pm at Zurich AirPort (ZRH)
Aft Cab View rides or individual programs    


Highlights   Regions to be visited

Special infrastructure


• German part

• French part

• Emosson
power plant

• Tunnel con- struction site


• Italian part

• Rhaeto-Romance part

Hands On Experience  

UNESCO World Heritage

• Self decorated Swiss chocolate


• Lavaux

• Albula Bernina Line


Program dates / booking codes
  Start End Trip Code        
pre Thr May 14th 2020 Sat May 16th PRE I CVR A-G        
Main Sun May 17th 2020 Sat May 23rd 1/20 R - 20 - 1        
aft Sun May 24th 2020 Tue May 26th AFT I CVR A-G        
pre Thr Oct 15th 2020 Sat Oct 17th PRE II CVR A-G        
Main Sun Oct 18th 2020 Sat Oct 24th 2/20 R - 20 - 2        
aft Sun Oct 25th 2020 Tue Oct 27th AFT II CVR A-G        


    open for bookings     guaranteed departure     almost fully booked,
but still bookable


Costs per person in CHF  


Our rates are based on current costs. We reserve the right to change the price on published offers due to change of currencies exchange rates or other reasons without prior notice.

Costs incl. 6 x full board in standard hotel class, all needed transfers and described excursions, entry fees to museums, documentation, meet and assist at ZRH A/P upon arrival, fluent english speaking tour manager throughout the whole main program, city tax and VAT.

Three standard and two superior Hotels  
Low season double room, double occupancy 23 m² + full board 3'480.00  
single room (or double room, single use) 20 m² + full board 3'970.00  
Extra night Zurich incl. B&B, City tax and VAT (with out cab view ride)
double room, double occupancy 17 m² + from 120.00  
single room (or double room, single use) 15 m² + from 188.00  
Day card (24 hrs) all public transport + entry fees for 40 museums 27.00  


Extras / Specials  

for 3 days before and 3 days after the main program, we have options for you to enjoy cab view rides with different railways systems!

At extra charges 


Trans­port incl.

Transfer on arrival and departure from airport to hotel and v v with public transport.

All needed transfers for the excurisons described in the program

Long distance transfers are done by minibus.


Minimum / Maximum size of group

Minimum size of group: 8

Maximum size of group: 16


Included is 6 x full board!


Produce some Swiss Chocolate yourself - at Maison Cailler in Broc


Entry fees for Museums
Entry fees for the museums mentioned in the programs are included!


Not included

trip from home to Zurich, Switzerland - v.v.
• all personal expenses

• travel insurance

• cost of visa (Schengen area)


Name change
Name change of pax is possible till 48 hrs before start of trip
(at extra costs: CHF 100.00)


non refundable: CHF 500.00 / per pax


Rest payment

If payed with credit card - due 45 days before start of trip!

If payed with wire transfer - due 30 days before start of trip!


All our tours are conducted    
by Travelwell, est. 1974

A one of a kind experience

If you know a guided tour, where you can explore more different train adventure with in one week, please tell us, we like to explore this other offer ourself!
Street car   Steam train   Car shuttle train
Aerial cable car   Cog railroad   Narrow gauge train
Cable railway   Mini funicular   Commuter train
Cabrio cable car   Swiss Federal Railways system
Navigation lake Zurich   New Albula tunnel, construction site
Gotthard base tunnel   Helical tunnel UNESCO World Heritage, Albula Bernina Line
Gotthard summit tunnel, scenic, old mountain route




Day 1)
Steam train / Welcome dinner

AM: Arrival in Switzerland / Zurich - Transfer to the hotel.

Please ensure, that your scheduled arrival time at Zurich AirPort is before 11:00 am - our program starts 12:00pm (you may arrive a day earlier and book an extra night at the same hotel).

PM: Very close to Zurich, in Bauma, the first highlight is awaiting the group. The Dampfbahn Zurcher Oberland (Steam train) will shuttle us from Bauma to Hinwil and back. Welcom Dinner is served on the Vessel of the ZSG, Zurichsee Schifffahrts­gesellschaft (Fleet of the Lake Zurich). If we are lucky, it will be on one of the old 2 steamboats: Town of Zurich or Town of Rapperswil.



Day 2)
Swiss chocolate / Rochers-de-Naye

AM: On the way to the french speaking part of Switzerland, we will be introduced to the secrets of the Swiss chocolate.

PM: The cog railroad up to the Rochers-de-Naye is cresting through a most beautiful landscape. On the top, we will enjoy the breathtaking lookout over the Lake Geneva area into the French and Swiss Alps.


Day 3)
Vertic Alp Emosson

AM: In order to visit the Emosson hydroelectric power system, we will be using the 3 different mountain railways of the Vertic Alp Emosson.

PM: Continuing to Thun, we will travel with the car shuttle train Lotschberg.


Day 4)
Lotschberg base tunnel

AM: Visit the base tunnel system of the Lotschberg and be int­ro­du­ced to the safety and security system of one of the world's longest railway tunnel systems. Later, we will visit the tunnel system itself - on foot.

PM: As a contrast, we will also use the world unique "Cabrio" aerial cable car up to the Stanserhorn.


Day 5)
Stoos surface cable car

AM: On the way to Bergun, we will visit the "Verkehrshaus" in Lucerne, with the Railway Museum of Switzerland.

PM: The new Stoos surface cable car is a cunstruction, you can not see any where else in the world (so far)!


Day 6)
Helical tunnels Albula line

On the way back to Zurich, we will visit the construction site of the new Albula Tunnel, travel on the RhB Albula Bernina Line with its helical tunnels and visit the RhB train museum in Bergun.

The RhB Railways system from Chur to Tirano (Italy) crossing through the Albula tunnel and over the Bernina pass, is listed as an UNESCO World Culture


The "nostalgia train" from Filisur to Davos brings the day down to a round figure. We will travel over the "Wiesener Viaduct", the highest bridge
(88.9 meter / 292 feet) on the RhB Railways system. Before transferring back to Zurich, our Farewell Dinner is awaiting you in Davos.



Day 7)

Gotthard base- & summit tunnel / End 

AM: Gotthard base- and summit tunnel.
From Zurich to Bellinzona in the southern part of Switzerland, where the italian language is natively spoken.

PM: End of main program at Zurich Airport: 15:00 pm

Earliest flight departures for


Europe - scheduled time of departure - 16:15 pm


Intercontinental - scheduled time of departure - 17:00 pm




7 Cab View Rides / Drivers Eye View to choose from


Cab View Rides are: Self Guided

Don't dream any longer, but make your dream come true:
A lot of high-tech and the spectacular views of a train driver await you on up to 7 different Cab Viey Rides in Switzerland!
Included 1x B&B for an extra day / night at same hotel as the main program, in Zurich.

Extra A) CHF 950.00 incl. B&B,
double room, double occupancy
Gotthard Base - and Summit Tunnel

Up to 2 passengers per ride!

Travel in the driver’s cab of an ETR 610 - through the newly opened Gotthard Base Tunnel - and in a Flirt via the Gotthard, panoramic mountain route.


Extra B) CHF 950.00 incl. B&B,
double room, double occupancy
Gotthard Pano­rama route & Summit tunnel

Up to 2 passengers per ride!

A Re 420, the Gotthard mountain route, the engine driver and you.
Experience the legendary Gotthard rail route as the engine driver sees it.


Extra C) CHF 950.00 incl. B&B,
double room, double occupancy
Eastern part of Switzerland

Up to 2 passengers per ride!

This driver's Cab View Ride offers you the opportunity to take the lead in eastern Switzerland: on the Zurich-Sargans-St.Gallen route. You will be driving in the driver's cab of a RABe 511.


Extra D) CHF 950.00 incl. B&B,
double room, double occupancy
Southern foothills of the Jura

Up to 2 passengers per ride!

An ICN, the high-speed line, the engineer and you. One of the most beautiful travel routes, top speeds of up to 124 miles per hour, along the southern Jurassic line.


Extra E) CHF 800.00 incl. B&B,
double room, double occupancy
Brunig Pass, Central Switzerland

Up to 2 passengers per ride!

Daily you can travel from Lucerne via Brunig to Interlaken in the driver's cab of the Zentralbahn. And discover your journey in the heart of Switzerland from a completely new perspective.


Extra F) CHF 950.00 incl. B&B,
double room, double occupancy
Lotschberg Summit route & Tunnel

Up to 2 passengers per ride!

From Bern to Brig (VV) ride in the driver's cab of the RABe 535.


Extra G) CHF 950.00 incl. B&B,
double room, double occupancy
Albula Railway UNESCO World Culture Heritage

Only 1 passengers per ride!

 Steer through the Albula valley along the UNESCO World heritage railway line with an expert in the driver's cab of a RhB locomotive.